Adrienne Veronese

Poet, Novelist, Author, Essayist, Humorist


                                                                                   Photo by MILKOVÍ


Books by Adrienne

Bring the Wu: An absurdist romp through the intelligence industry's underwear drawer. With pudding.

Bringing together religion, metaphysics and international intrigue in an Oxnard strawberry field, Ms. Veronese accomplishes the seemingly impossible feat of illustrating a unique and heretofore unheard of method for identifying corruption in a way that makes it impossible to hide its shameful secrets. Presented as a work of fiction, readers may find themselves wondering why as the entirely plausible plot develops out of little more than a cup of pudding and ends up in the hands of the Rastafarians, who as usual can be trusted to represent.

Indigo Guardian. Because who doesn't need a Ball of Light in their life? With the help of an Elvis impersonator, a garage band called the Quarks, and the Incredible Flying Parabolics, Lejla Griffin must navigate the second dimension in search of her little sister and the truth behind their mother's disappearance. Will Lejla find her sister before time collapses in on itself and the very fabric of existence unravels?

Described by one reader as "the Koyaanisqatsi of shopping carts," Tales of a Drunken Shopping Cart is both a commentary on contemporary life in America and anthropomorphizing inanimate objects at its best.